Sunday Salon – On Tuesday


So, I was all set to write this post to have it published on Monday.  Day late and a dollar short and all that, but you know, just one dollar and one day.  Then I got distracted and ate dinner.  Then I picked up An Abundance of Katherines and all of the sudden it was 11:40 and I didn’t have a TSS post, but I had finished a book.  Also, it was a really good book!  I loved it to pieces and I can’t wait to properly review it, though it will be a lot of incoherent gushing about books that make you forget what time it is or where you are or anything else about the real world.

I’m sorry I have not been bringing you all the posts I promised, including the spotlight on Borges, the review of Supersense and just generally have been an absent blogger.  Things got crazy at work and then things got crazy in life, but they’re fixin to settle down and I’m fixin to purchase a car, which will seriously cut down on the amount of time I spend hopping from train to bus to train (to taxi to bus to bike).

The good news is that I finished The Grapes of Wrath (and loved it) and An Abundance of Katherines (and adored it), so you have 3 book reviews to look forward to this week, including Supersense. Hopefully I’ll get my act together and write up that Spotlight post.

I am catching up on my blog reading, so you will be hearing from me soon.  Happy reading everyone!


8 thoughts on “Sunday Salon – On Tuesday

  1. grapes of wrath. . . .

    oh! i am now reading american psycho. WHAT WHAT. just got to the first kill and whoaaaaa. can’t wait to see the movie version after i finish the book!

    (knocking on wood for your car! i can’t wait to see the spoiler, hot dog!)

  2. No rush, of course, but I’m *really* looking forward to that Borges spotlight of yours! I’m reading my first Vargas Llosa novel ever (“La Fiesta del Chivo”) right now and enjoying the heck out of its multiple plotlines and convincingly creepy ambience. Were you a fan of VL back in your college days?

  3. Which car are you getting?!

    I’ve been hearing so many great things about An Abundance of Katherines. Can’t wait for your review 🙂

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