Thursday Tunes (2)


Thursday Tunes is a weekly meme hosted by S. Krishna’s Books.  This week I’m going to feature a song rather than a particular artist.  I think this is the perfect song – lyrically and musically.  It is Hallelujah, originally written and sung by Leonard Cohen.  It has been covered by everyone and their mom (over 200 artists, according to Wikipedia), and I think each version adds something to the song.

The original:

Rufus Wainwright, one of my favorites, and the first one I heard:

A lot of people would argue that this is one of the more beautiful renditions of the song, by Jeff Buckley:

A new one for me, but I like it!  John Cale:

Now for some female covers.  Alison Crowe:

KD Lang… this one will give you chills.  I think this is one of the best.


4 thoughts on “Thursday Tunes (2)

  1. I love Allison Crowe’s version. It’s such a beautiful song. I agree with you that each artist brings something unique to it.

  2. k.d. lang owns this song as far as I’m concerned. But Mr. Cohen’s live version on his new Live in London album is wonderful. He almost buys it back from Ms. Lang.

  3. I love this song so much. My favourite version is Jeff Buckley’s, but I really love them all. And I have another one for you! It’s not really a cover, but a whole other song that still evokes Hallelujah in a very unique way. Enjoy:

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