The Sunday Salon


Hello folks!  Another Sunday is here and this has been the craziest weekend I can remember in a long time, but also one of the best.  Like I said in my post yesterday, this weekend I graduated from college and it went off beautifully.  The sun was shining and it wasn’t even that hot (an important fact when you consider we were sitting in a shadeless field in black robes).  My families got along swimmingly.  All my friends and loved ones were either there with me or with me in spirit and I still don’t think I’ve come down off that high.  To top it all off, after my mom drove home and checked the mail, she called me to say I got a very important letter in the mail and did she just want to read it to me over the phone?  I said yes.  I got into graduate school!  I’m definitely going and will be starting my masters in Spanish in the fall.    Ahhhh! I can’t wait.  I’ve been on the school’s website all afternoon and cannot wait to pick out my classes for next semester.

Thanks so much for all your well wishes yesterday!  I’ll have you know, I did not trip and fall on my face.

As for reading news, I finally finished The Ghost Writer and I have to say, it didn’t quite do it for me.  I’m going to write a proper review for tomorrow and let you know why.  After finishing it, I started The 19th Wife and was somewhat hesitant because it’s fairly hefty, but I have been reading it nonstop this afternoon!  So far, it is incredible; the stories intertwine perfectly, the voices of the characters are fully realized and it’s a fascinating story.  Based on the first 100 pages, I recommend it!  I hope the story can keep up with the impressive introduction.

Have a happy reading week, everyone 🙂


6 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon

  1. Just reading some Sunday Salon posts, and first off, congratulations for graduating and getting into grad school.

    I’m in intrigued to know why you didn’t enjoy The Ghost Writer (we are talking about the Philip Roth book right). I think the Zuckerman books are the best Roth has done. I’m no Roth fan, a lot of his books can be hit and miss but the Zuckerman Bound collection are Roth at his greatest.

  2. Oh, that’s wonderful news! Congratulations of getting into grad school! Have fun picking out the classes and enjoy the week! ^-^

  3. I keep seeing the 19th Wife and fingering it longingly. I need to just add it to my TBR list! i got a little overloaded with polygamy lit last year, but I think I can do another one.

  4. Congrats on graduating! And with honours! Sorry I wasn’t here to wish you luck; I remember being SO nervous before my oral defense.

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