I did it!

I passed!

Which means that, supposing everything went okay with my final exams, I will officially graduate with Honors from University!  I can’t stop smiling.

Thank you everyone for your well wishes, especially the roommates for listening to me moan, baking me biscuits and taking me to Taco Bell to celebrate.  Thanks everyone who commented here: Chris, Nymeth and Kim.  Your encouragement got me through my jitters this morning!

Maybe now I’ll get some reading done!  And some blogging!


7 thoughts on “I PASSED!

  1. : )
    thanks for letting me cook your biscuits . i am so happy for you dude, & don’t worry, you’ll get to reciprocate the biscuits for my thesis. ; p

  2. Congratulations! (And you’re completely right not to stop smiling, that’s a fantastic way to graduate!)

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