New Challenge


Subtitled: Lu needs to get a grip.

I feel like I’ve been waiting for this challenge my whole life.  Rose City Reader is a blogger I have not read until now, but Lezlie over at Books & Border Collies is participating in this challenge and it looks like a blast.  I love the Battle of the Books that fellow bloggers are posting about and I am going to hold my own.  This is Battle of the Books Regular Rumination style, going back in time to see if the Pulitzer or the National Book Award* is the better judge.    I hope Rose City Reader doesn’t mind if I change things up a little.  I’m going to read the books she requests, one from each category:

Chose three books that you have not read before:

1) One that won both the Pulitzer and the National;
2) One that won the Pulitzer but not the National; and
3) One that won the National but not the Pulitzer

But I’m also going to pick a year from each decade that the Book Award has been around and I’m going to do a Battle of the Books.  Yessssss.  It will be amazing.

1) Double dipper: The Color Purple by Alice Walker

The Showdown!

Pulitzer: The Keepers of the House by Shirley Ann Grau
National: Herzog by Saul Bellow

Pulitzer:The Stories of John Cheever by John Cheever
National: Going After Cacciato by Tim O’Brien

Pulitzer: Foreign Affairs by Alison Lurie
National: White Noise by Don Delillo

Pulitzer: The Stone Diaries by Carol Shields
National: Sabbath’s Diner by Philip Roth

Pulitzer: The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay By Michael Chabon
National: The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen

Be prepared my pretties, because I’m fixin here to get graduated and I’m going to have a whole world of free time to do silly things on my blog, I promise.

*I thought this meant the Man Booker Prize.  One day I will tell you about how much I hate the Man Booker Prize.  How about right now?  They picked The Sea, Life of Pi, and worst of allVernon God Little.


3 thoughts on “New Challenge

  1. Wow! This is great! I love that you are going decade by decade! When I finally figure out what the prize is going to be and how to calculate it, you are going to have a leg up if you report back on all these books!


    Thanks for joining. I’ll post your link right now.

    PS — I disagree on the Booker in general, but I absolutely agree with you on Vernon God Little!

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