April = The Worst Month on the Calendar

It's like a gravestone on my reading.
It's like a gravestone on my reading.

You might have once been told that April brings showers and paves the way for May’s beautiful flowers.  You might have been told that April is a time to celebrate life!  And joy!  And Easter!  And family!  And baby animals!

But you’ve been lied to your whole life.  April is, instead, the time when all of your professors look at you and say “I’ve been going too easy on you!  I’ve been too nice to you!  Really, I want to see you suffer.” April is the month when students get the look of Perpetual Exhaustion on their faces.  It’s the month when if you so much as sigh too loudly in the library, you’ll hear the collective tensing up of a crowd of caffeine-strung out seniors in the stacks.  So much as think about forgetting to put your phone on silence and you’ll hear pencils crack around the room.  April has come early.

That is why, fellow book bloggers, I am taking a self-imposed break from blogging.  I will still post the March and Women’s History Month wrap up, and maybe I’ll give you a Sunday Salon or two, just to catch up, but I hardly have any time to read, let alone blog about what I’ve read.  Don’t worry, May will be the month of catching up, because I won’t be doing anything but recovering, and recovering involves reading lots and lots of books (and then reviewing them for you).

Here’s a list of the things I need to do, so we can both have the satisfaction of crossing them off the list when I’m done:

25 pages: Thesis
3 pages: Paper on Viaje al Alcarria, Nada, and Ciudad de los perros
Exam in Spanish 317
10-15 pages: Final paper in Spanish 483 – watch 10 episodes of Cuéntame and analyze the use of gender in situations of power
I think there might be a final presentation in this class too…
2-8 pages: Any reaction papers still left
5-8 pages: Final paper in Spanish 481 – still no topic…
2 pages: 481 lit paper
at least 10 pages: Final poetry portfolio
Publish Spring 2009 edition of Aubade
Read and Review two more books of poetry (to be cross-posted here!)
Finish applying to grad school by 4/14!

Wish me luck!  I’ll see you when I see you!


4 thoughts on “April = The Worst Month on the Calendar

  1. Oh no :/ Good luck with everything Lu…I remember grad school being a nightmare around this time of the year. Can’t wait til you can get back to blogging!

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