Booking Through Thursday

btt2I’ve been slacking on the BTT lately, but I really liked last week’s question and this week’s, so I thought I would combine them into one fantabulous post.  The two questions were “The Worst Best Book You Ever Read” and “The Best Worst Book you Ever Read.”  The first one is the slightly easier question.  But my answer might make me lose some readers, I’m just warning you.


That’s right.  Life of Pi. I know, I know.  You’re thinking… WHAT?  That was the best book of the early 2000s.  It just did not do it for me.  I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that every single time I sat down to read, someone would tell me how amazing it was.  I never got a chance to decide if I thought it was amazing.  I finished the book.  And I hated the ending.  I KNOW, it was the best ending of the early 2000s!  But it made me feel cheated and like the author did not trust me to think of that possibility on my own.  It felt like it was tacked on at the end because the editor decided that we readers were too stupid to get that it might have been an allegory.  I was ready to forgive all your hype, Mr. Martel.  I was ready to forgive you for your slightly boring sections and give you a decent 80%, 3 stars if you will.  But then there was that ending, the ending everyone else loved, and it made me angry.  This and The Sea put me off the Man Booker Prize for a long time.  Please find me a Man Booker Prize winner I will like.  Thanks in advance.  Also, the idea wasn’t even his own.  I know the original Brazilian author who wrote Max and the Cats didn’t pursue his case, but still. I’ll stop ranting now. 

houseonmangoI’m going to cheat a little bit on this one, because The House on Mango Street is not considered a “bad” book, nor does it have many negative reviews at all.  It’s a wonderful book, and I know that and you know that, but my 9th grade freshman English class did not know that.  This book brings back lots of memories – we had to read it the summer before we started high school.  I loved this book, I remember reading it at the bus stop before I got picked up for my first day of school, all jittery and nervous.  The House on Mango Street calmed me down.  It is so beautiful and poetic.  So I was disappointed when I got to my English class that first week and everyone was complaining about how boring and confusing it was.  It is still one of my favorite required reading books to this day.


7 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday

  1. I super love both books. Life of Pi is my fave Canadian book, so far. And The House on Mango Street, well, it brings back memories, too. I’ve read it a gazillion times, I think. Lol!

  2. I haven’t read either books, but I’ve heard a lot of great things about the Life of Pi. The House on Mango Street looks good, but I think it’s because it has Mango on the title and Mangoes are pretty amazing. I’ll have to check it out.

    ~ Popin

  3. I love The House On Mango Street too! I never had to read it for school, actually, but I picked it up in college when I realized that I was one of the only people in the English program who had never read it. I loved it — and kept it for many years! I actually just gave it away on BookMooch recently. Sniff!

  4. I couldn’t even finish Life of Pi. Everyone was telling me it was amazing but it just didn’t do it for me. I couldn’t get into it.

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