Library Loot!


Hosted by Eva and Alessandra:

I have a problem.  It’s called Library Addiction and the symptoms include, but are not limited to: 1) checking out way more books than you could ever read.  2) requesting every single book that sounds interesting. 3) looking through the stacks even though you know that you have more books than you can possibly carry back home in your bike basket.  Yeah, I have a bike basket.

The Hour I First Believed – Wally Lamb:  I never read She’s Come Undone, because my grandmother and aunt both hated it and I usually agree with them on things.  But the premise of The Hour I First Believed sounds so dang interesting.  And I read a review, though I can’t remember where now, where the author said that they too didn’t like She’s Come Undone for similar reasons but they loved The Hour I First Believed, so I couldn’t resist.

Perdido Street Station – China Miéville: This is one of those books that is totally out of my comfort zone, so to speak.  But now that I actually have the book in my hand, I’m really excited to start reading it.  The jacket does an excellent job of describing the book than the other description of it I read.  (Once Upon A Time III Challenge)

The Stone Diaries – Carol Shields:  I’m hoping to be able to squeeze this one in for the WHM challenge! (A-Z Challenge, WHM Challenge)

Stand the Storm – Breena Clarke: Pretty cover, interesting story.  I was helpless, I tell you.  Plus, I want to read more books that were published in the last year or two, because my reading mostly focuses on books published in the 20th century.

The Romonov Bride – Robert Alexander: I don’t know about this one.  I’m going to give it a shot.  I picked it up because I used to be obsessed with Anastasia.   I didn’t read the jacket in the library, and now that I’ve read it, I’m just not sure it’s what I thought it was.

The Ladies of Grace Adieu – Susanna Clarke: I never could get into Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrel, so we’ll see if I like this collection of short stories better. (Once Upon a Time III)

Sabriel – Garth Nix: I tried to read this a long time ago, but never could get through it.  I have a feeling I’ll appreciate it more this time.  (Once Upon a Time III)

The Hobbit – JRR Tolkein: This is another one I started but never finished.  (Once Upon a Time III)

Ahh!  I’m excited to get started on this list.  My TBR list is getting out of hand, but that’s ok.  It comes with the territory.

7 thoughts on “Library Loot!

  1. Great list of loot! I do hope you enjoy The Ladies of Grace Adieu…that book is just presented beautifully. Sabriel is one of my all time favorite books! That whole series is just excellent. And you can never go wrong with The Hobbit 🙂 Love that one.

  2. This sounds like my library visits 😀
    I have ONE rule: never take more books than you can carry!

    – I don´t know how I could break it anyway as I usually go alone or together with my daughter who borrows even more books, but our librarians are so helpful that they might offer to carry an extra bagful to my car.

    I quite like The Hobbit, but I admit I did not get through it until my second try. It takes some time to get into their would, but once you are there, most people really love it.

  3. I too have library addiction! In fact, I just got a call from the library telling me I had a book in…which will probably lead to more books coming home with me. Enjoy your finds!

  4. I live at the library though my posts don’t suggest that at the moment. It is one of my favorite social sites. Anyhoo, I have a confession. I feel guilty about not reading Wally Lamb. His works sounds interesting, but their huge volumes and he’s a guy- there I said it. I read almost exclusively women. I do enjoy male authors but there are so many women and we don’t get the press or dollars men do. Okay, I’ll stop.

    I enjoy visiting your blog.

    Happy reading,

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