The Sunday Salon (7)

tssbadge2I am home for Spring Break, though it’s not much of a Spring Break considering the ridiculous winter storm that is stirrin up trouble on the east coast.  Be safe out there!

For the past two days I have been visiting family up north so I haven’t been reading the blogs out there.  Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised when I heard that Belle of the Books has given me the Excessively Diverting Blog Award!  This is only my second ever blog award/shout out so I’m pretty excited!

exdivblog5wFirst of all, that’s an adorable badge.  Second of all, this is a hefty award!  Listen to its description:

The aim of the Excessively Diverting Blog Award is to acknowledge writing excellence in the spirit of Jane Austen’s genius in amusing and delighting readers with her irony, humor, wit, and talent for keen observation. Recipients will uphold the highest standards in the art of the sparkling banter, witty repartee, and gentle reprove. This award was created by the blogging team of Jane Austen Today to acknowledge superior writing over the Internet and promote Jane Austen’s brilliance.

Thanks so much Belle!

As for who I’m going to pass this one off to:

Phantom Shadow Beast – PSB (Weremonkey) is one of my roommates.  She started this blog at the beginning of the semester and it’s about everything and anything.  I always look back on the posts for a good laugh when I need one, especially this one and this one.

Belle of the Books – Right back at ya!  🙂

Stuff as Dreams Are Made On – Why?  Because he doesn’t only talk about books!  I love it when I learn more about Chris’s life or his house hunting, job and just life in general.  Not only am I here for the eclectic books, but also because I care about who’s writing about the books.  That’s what makes a good book blog to me!

Care’s Book Club – Another one that’s not all books, but lots of great things about books.  Love sharing substitute teaching stories with Care and reading her blog regularly 🙂

As for reading this weekend, I’ve been all over the place.  I was reading the Geography of Bliss, but I left it at home because it was too heavy to carry with me on the bus with all my other stuff.

I’m reading The Red Tent and I really like it.  It’s a little slow in places, but still a really interesting read.

I’m not even sure what I’ve got up next after that, so it will just have to be a surprise.  I’m going to do my February Wrap Up when I unpack my computer, so until then, happy reading!


5 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon (7)

  1. You are so incredibly sweet!! Seriously Lu, you just made my day 🙂 It’s been a stressful couple of weeks and you don’t know how good it feels to hear that. I love your blog too, Lu! I got addicted quick to this one 😉

  2. hey! Congrats on your award, thanks for the mention, and I really enjoyed The Red Tent, too. And HAPPY MONTH OF MARCH! Spring is coming…

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