Review – Coraline by Neil Gaiman

coraline-book“Nothing, she thought, had ever been so interesting.”  pg. 137

When I started book blogging, I heard so many things about Neil Gaiman.  I had never heard of the author before, though I had heard of Stardust and almost read it one time.  That was about it.  So, I finally got my butt to the library and checked out everything my library had of his.  Which included Coraline, Stardust, Good Omens and American Gods.  I’ve read three so far, but I’m saving Stardust for another day, because I need a break.  Not because I don’t like him, but it’s like eating all the chocolate in one day.  It’s just better if you spread it out a little.

I had heard a lot about Coraline, so when I read it, it didn’t really surprise me.  It was well written and it was exactly what I expected.  It’s a clever story about a little girl named Coraline, who finds out there is another version of her family living in the flat next to her.  But they’re all a little off and have buttons for eyes.  When she gets stuck in the mysterious alternative world, she must use her intelligence to get out and save her parents.

I love stories with strong heroines.  This is a great story for young girls (and older ones).  I think I will pass this one on to my younger sisters (I’m trying to get them to like reading more.)  They’re the right ages, 9 and 10.  I hope they like it!

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8 thoughts on “Review – Coraline by Neil Gaiman

  1. You really have been on a Gaiman kick, haven’t you! I really enjoyed this one…And Stardust is indeed best saved for a rainy day! So much fun.

  2. I really enjoyed this book, too. Coraline was strong and it had a great moral. It’s the only Gaiman book I’ve read, but I definitely want to read more. Thanks for the link love.

  3. ca livre etait tres bon!
    Mon premier experience unique en lisant un livre tres bizzare!
    j’adore neil, et je crois que je lirai plus des livres de Gaiman apres ca….
    Merci pour un montage russes gratuit…:)

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