Sunday Salon (6)

tssbadge22This has been the laziest weekend ever.  It was Weremonkey’s and Weretree’s birthday this weekend.  Those are two of my roommates and we had the weirdest conversation on Friday night about what kind of animal you would prefer to “were” into, like a werewolf.  I chose weredolphin first, but then decided on werebumble bee.  So what kind of animal would you were into?

Other than a little party on Friday night, mostly what I did this weekend was read.  I finished reading Good Omens and wrote two reviews for Love Medicine and The Reluctant Fundamentalist (review to arrive tomorrow!).  Then I got totally sucked into the book Uglies by Scott Westerfeld.  It was such a good story.  I love reading YA fiction because it’s such an escape.  No one is trying to be moving, they’re usually just trying to be captivating.  Especially science fictiony/fantasy YA novels.  It was nice to just escape into this world for one day, not have to worry about moving prose or bad writing or great writing – it’s just exciting.  I was thinking about this book series I read a couple years ago called the Young Wizards series by Diane Duane.  I remember them being so exciting and fun to read.  I want to get them again from the library.  Has anyone read them?

Reading this week looks like it’s going to be good because I’m going to be doing a lot of traveling.  I’m going to start The Red Tent tomorrow because one of my roommates just read it and really liked it.  Then the sequel to Uglies, Pretties.  After that I have a couple more lined up.  I’m Neil Gaimaned out for a while, but I really appreciated Coraline and loved reading Good Omens, so he has redeemed himself after the disappointing American Gods.  As for over Spring Break, I have plenty of TBR books I own, that aren’t from the library.  I’m going to try and get the majority of my library books read and returned before then.   It’s going to be a good reading week, I can feel it!


3 thoughts on “Sunday Salon (6)

  1. I’d want to be a werecat, as long as I knew I had a good home! My cat has the life-he does whatever he wants, gets fed and petted and cleaned up after…lol

    I really like YA novels too! Escapism is a great thing. 😀

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