Sunday Salon (5)


Hello, bloggers!  I have missed you so.  I am sorry that it was such a slow blogging week, I had a pretty crazy one for sure.  First, I had 5 papers due on Tuesday.  Yes, f-i-v-e.  Which is strange, because I’m only in four classes.  But I got through it.  THEN, my honors thesis adviser announced to me that I had to have all of the experiment materials in on Wednesday night.  I didn’t finish in time, but I got it done.  Eventually.  It was in by Friday, it was the best I could do.  Fortunately, my adviser was really understanding.  Now I just have to actually do the experiment and work on translating it into Spanish.

Needless to say, I haven’t gotten a lot of reading done.  I did try to read every chance I got, between classes and when I was waiting around for meetings to start, that kind of thing.  I have been reading American Gods, but the book, which normally would have only taken me a couple of days has taken over a week.  It’s good, but I’m going to have to wait until I finish the last 100 pages to make my decision. I went to the library last week and have a good library loot to post soon.  Now that I’m back, I just want to post and post and post all about all the things I missed.  (And get going with that Blogging Improvement Challenge post!)

As for Valentine’s, I had a really great weekend with Z.  We went to DC for the day on Saturday and went to the Natioanl Gallery and the Zoo.  At the National Gallery there was this amazing exhibit called The Americans of photographs by Robert Frank.  They also had an Ansel Adams exhibit, but to be honest it was a little underwhelming in comparison to Frank’s exhibit.

Image copyright Robert Frank.

Z and I were both really impressed with the exhibit.  After the National Gallery we went to the zoo, which was a little disappointing because we only saw a couple of animals.  But Z and I are determined to go back!  We still got to see the red panda, which is the cutest little thing ever!  It has the amazing animal talent of making you want to snuggle it immediately.  We also saw an emu.  And lots of squirrels.  That night, Z and I made calzones which were delicious.  Pictures and recipe to come soon.  Tonight we made meatloaf and watched How I Met Your Mother (one of the funniest tv shows ever.)  It really was a wonderful weekend.

I’m looking forward to posting regularly again.  I’m sorry I abandoned you for so long!  Now to my google reader which has way too many things to read on it…


5 thoughts on “Sunday Salon (5)

  1. Five papers on a single day is totally absurd. I also love “How I Met Your Mother” but am watching it on DVD as a catch up, I’m only on Season 2 🙂

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