Belle’s photo meme

I found this photo meme on Belle of the Books blog!  All you have to do is:

  1. Go to your documents
  2. Go to your 6th file
  3. Go to your 6th photo
  4. Blog about it!
  5. Get your friends to do it!

flipflopsI decided to work my way backwards, and I used facebook because all of my pictures are currently on my parents’ computer after a dastardly virus I got back over Thanksgiving break.  This is the picture that showed up!  Lots of memories packed into this itty bitty photo.  I took it over summer break the year after I graduated from high school.  I was in New Jersey with Z and my friends E and H.  It was an interesting time in my life.  I had just gotten back from my trip to Spain with my aunt, where I had bought these flip flops in a convenience store in Barcelona.  They were 3 Euros.  It was St. George’s day and kids were setting off fireworks everywhere around us.  That night on the subway, we were packed into the cars like sardines.  We went to our hotel and the party had moved to the beach across the street.  We watched the Barcelona kids dance and set off fireworks all night long.

I was growing up (not that I’m finished with that task yet, not that anyone ever is) and when I think back on that summer, I think about how different I am now from the person who took this photo.  In a good way.  The little flip flop in the middle is my sister K the younger’s.  I’m not sure why I took a picture of our shoes like this, but I probably just thought it looked cool.

Anyone can do this cute little meme!  Leave a comment with the link to your blog.  I’d especially like to see:

1. Phantom Shadow Beast
2. ROOMS (For your second blog post ever.)
3. Christ (Do it.)

Coming soon:  Two reviews of Yarrow and Árbol.


2 thoughts on “Belle’s photo meme

  1. Unfortunately or fortunately? I don’t have enough photos on my new laptop (and I don’t yet know how to compress for websites – this Mac isn’t being as intuitive as I had hoped it would be!)

    cute flip flops. I have Barcelona on my hope-to-see-someday list…

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