Welcome back to school, read this book by Monday


Ah, school.

I guess reading for fun is going to have to take a break for now, because I have to finish El Otro Arbol de Guernica (The Other Tree at Guernica) by Luis de Castresana by next week.  I am excited to read this book.  The class is the Aesthetic Expressions of the Spanish Civil War and Exile and this particular books deals with north Spanish children who were sent to other countries after the bombing of Guernica by the Nazis (at the approval of the dictator of Spain, Franco).  Hopefully I can get a review of Animal Dreams up soon, so you have some actual book reviews to read.  I might post a review of Arbol, but it doesn’t look like there’s an English translation out there.

I’m watching the movie version of Sense and Sensibility and it is very silly.  I love Hugh Laurie’s role.  Every single word he’s said has made me laugh.

I’m going to be picking a winner for the giveaway soon, so keep checking back!


4 thoughts on “Welcome back to school, read this book by Monday

  1. Gotta love school! lol At least you get to read lit, instead of articles on the likelihood of Syria possessing weapons of mass destruction. 😉

    Ok-I gotta ask-did you mean Hugh Grant? Or is there a different adaptation with S&S that has Hugh Laurie? That’d be fun to watch! Have you ever seen the Jeeves adaptations with him as Bertie and Stephen Fry as Jeeves? Pure genius.

  2. I subbed today! egads! I got better as the day went but now I wish I had thrown abt 5 boys out of my class. I kept thinking, oh – they’re not really THAT bad. but now that I’m re-thinking, YEA, they deserved some punishment. oh well.

    WHAT giveawy? did I enter? I couldn’t find the post?

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