Dear Amtrak,

I guess I have to make this a permament icon now.
I guess I have to make this a permament icon now.

We have a love-hate relationship.  I can forgive your lateness for all the times you are prompt.  I can forgive your outrageous prices for the “convenience”.  But we have had two negative experience in less than 6 days, and let me tell you, I am not thrilled.  Granted, the first fail train was my fault.  I admit that, and you were very considerate, letting me ride back for free after I missed my stop.  This is very friendly of you.  But today, today I got up at 4 in the morning so I could make it home at a decent hour.  I got up at 4 in the morning because your other trains wouldn’t get me home until after dark.  I decided that it was best.  Let me say it again: I GOT UP AT 4 IN THE MORNING.   I arrived at the station with a few minutes to spare and went to sit at the platform with my other travelers.  We all had our luggage piled next to us, leaning on our rolly bags for support with droppy eyes.  We exchanged knowing smiles; we were all exhausted.  But when the friendly Amtrak lady came on the speaker to tell us… “Due to technical dificulties” we were prepared to wait 15, 20 even 30 more minutes for our train, in the cold, because we were too tired to complain.  So when you said “Due to technical difficulties the 5 am train is… CANCELLED,” well, my friend Amtrak, that was just too far.  The logical side of my brain is chastising the irrational, angry side by saying that it is not really your fault.  That I shouldn’t want to ride a faulty train anyway.  But you know what Amtrak, it IS your fault.  You have enough money from my tickets alone to buy yourself a whole new train.  You should have been prepared.  I’m angry, Amtrak.  I. am. angry.  In case you were wondering, dear Amtrak, I did make it to my destination, no thanks to you.

– Lu

As for book news:

The Terror did get very interesting, but unfortunately, since I’m going back to school on Sunday, I’ll have to take it back to the library probably before I finish it.  Never fear, I will check it out from the handy local library when I get back to school.

I’m happy/sad about going back to school.  Going back to school means school work again, and a new job (substitute teaching!  I hope it’s entertaining so I can blog about it!).  It means I’m going to have less time to blog, but I’m definitely going to make time to do it.  I love seeing everyone and stuff, but I miss my Z and the parents and the sisters.   I wish everyone I loved was in one place, one state.  It would make everything so much easier.  Not to mention it would mean I wouldn’t have to deal with Amtrak.  Ever.  Again.  One day, my friends, one day.  Hey, a girl can dream.


2 thoughts on “Dear Amtrak,

  1. Boo on Amtrak.

    And yes, you’re going to have some great stories from substitute teaching! I’ll have to write a post for you with the highlights from my days as a substitute.

  2. At least you made it to your destination 🙂 despite of Amtrak….I am actually a big fan of trains and love to travel by train, but don’t get me started on the train-situation in Denmark and I will never be able to stop, LOL.

    I did use the train while I lived in USA for a couple of short trips like from Washington DC to New York and such, but most of the time I went by car or plane.

    I did make the long, classic train trips down Europe when I finished high school and visited the cities of Italy etc. So I think I am like you, I also have a love/hate relationship with trains.

    Have a great weekend and welcome back to the real world 😉

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