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2009bip-150x210-copyI was deciding what I was going to post today when I realized that I hadn’t done my Blog Improvement post yet!  (Obviously, I’m off to a great start.)  Anyway, Kim over at Sophisticated Dorkiness, as I’m sure most of you know, is hosting the 2009 Blog Improvement Project every other Monday.  I’m going to be following along, hopefully making this blog a better and better place as the days and months go on.

I decided to focus this first post on setting goals on the Visionary Blogging‘s list of categories to narrow in on.  I narrowed it down even further because not everything applied to me.

  • content
    I’m determined to make this a blog about more than reading.  The blogs I love to read most are the ones that include a little of the author’s day to day life, something outside of books.  Books are the focus, but at the same time, we know a little bit more about the human side of the blogger.  I think this is important.  I’m not a book-reading-reviewing machine, after all.
  • design
    I’m not one hundred percent pleased with the way this blog looks.  It’s just a standard WordPress theme and nothing special.  I did make the banner myself (that’s my adorable little cousin picking grandpop’s flowers), and I do like it, but I’m not sure it fits the whole book blogging atmosphere.  I would also like to figure out how to get a look I actually like.  Without a doubt, this is my favorite of the templates that WordPress provides, but I  am trying to figure out if there’s a way to change it without paying for anything.  One day, maybe, I would be able to pay for a blog, but seriously, I’m in college.  I have $0.00 for anything.
  • community
    I hope to become a full member of this community.  I’m not sure what that means or when it happens, but I have felt nothing but welcomed into the book blogging community.  It’s the best thing about it.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I’m so happy by the welcome I have gotten.  I can’t believe how friendly you all have been.  I hope that when a new book blogger comes by my blog for the first time, I can show them just as much of the welcome that you all have.
  • traffic
    Traffic is important, of course, but it’s not necessarily my main goal.  I’m pleased with the amount of traffic I am getting for being such a new blog.  I am going to keep commenting, keep joining memes (but not too many!) and keep joining challenges to help more people find my blog.
  • monetization
    This blog is for me and you, but not for money.  Who knows, one day maybe I’ll add ads.  Maybe I’ll put links to Amazon or another site like that.  I don’t think there is anything wrong with those things, it’s just not what I’m focusing on right now.  When I get the rest of my blog in line where I want it to be, I will worry about the money.
  • blog value
    This blog is valuable to me.  I certainly hope that over the coming months it becomes valuable to my readers as well.  I’m certainly going to be following the advice that the other bloggers have been giving me.  I think working on all the other categories listed will definitely lead to an improvement in blog value.  As long as this continues to be fun and as long as someone is reading, I’ll be here.

That was  long and lengthy, and we’ll see if I end up improving those categories.  I hope so!


9 thoughts on “Blog Improvement Project

  1. Blogger lets you edit html for free. WordPress doesn’t. 😦 I think your banner’s great-I wouldn’t worry about it not having books in the picture!

  2. Hi, You left a message over at my ‘house’, and when I returned the visit, I was very glad I did. For you reminded me about the blog improvement assignment. I’ve been so busy with getting my monthly newsletter out, I still had it on the back burner, as it were.

    I haven’t been around visiting your site yet, but your ‘front’ door’ looks so inviting, I know I’m going to enjoy my stay.

    Till later then, Brenda

  3. I love your banner photo — and I love it even more now that I know the story behind it. I don’t think it has to be a photo of books, it’s a great way to make your blog unique.

  4. You definitely have some great goals and I can follow you in almost all of them. I adore the Book Blogging Community and have met nothing but great people here. Of course, other communities are probably as great, but I really like it here in the Book Blogging World. And as I blog mostly about books, I guess that is only natural. But really, the people here are so cool and friendly! Hope you’ll like it as much as I do.


  5. Hi.

    Nice to see that some people are even newer in the world of blogging than me 🙂 My debut was Dec 3 2008.

    I think your goals are fine though I quite like your blog the way it is.

    Though I read many diffent books I have decided that my blog is for crime fiction only. Pop in if you share my gory interest.

    New Year´s greetings from Denmark.

  6. That’s the one thing that I don’t like about WordPress – the fact that you don’t have all that much control over the layout or design unless you pay for it. However after trying out Blogger and LiveJournal (which is probably best for customization in my opinion) WordPress is the best with regards to the actual dashboard, ease of posting etc so I’m going to try and stick it out here.

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