My favorites – Part 1

You can tell a lot about a reader by their favorite books.  You can tell even more about a reader based on what books they don’t like.  So here I’m going to list my favorites… we’ll find my least favorites along the way.

Best overall:

brooklyn1I’m not sure I would claim this is the best book ever written.  Nor would I say it’s even the best book I’ve ever read.  But I can relate to this book, this character, this reader.  I can relate to this book because of the other people who have found it to be as wonderful as I did.  I love this book because I read it at a time when I most needed a book like this, a book that was going to be more than words on a page.  It was a friend.  I’m probably a little biased about this here novel, but I can’t get enough of it.  I love it.

Books that changed my perception of the world:



I chose both of these books not because they have a similar subject matter, but because after reading them I felt like a changed person.  Before reading both of these books, I had absolutely no idea about the subject matter.  I had heard of the Congo, but never their brutal history.  I knew Nigeria was a country that had been under British rule, and that it was the birth place of Chinua Achebe.  But I never knew about the Biafran struggle for independence.  These books opened me up to two new cultures, two new histories.  They changed my perception of Africa and of the connections the United States has with Africa.  These should be required reading for everyone.

To be continued…


7 thoughts on “My favorites – Part 1

  1. I saw you say in a comment that you were new in the book blogging community, so I thought I’d come by and say hi. I agree with you that the books we like/dislike say quite a bit about who we are.

    I actually haven’t read any of your favourites, though 😛

  2. Great book list there. Welcome to the blogging world! And thanks for dropping by my blog-hood. We’re participating in a lot of the same weekly memes, so I’m sure I’ll see you often!

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